AnilosCash is moving to (formerly Things you should know:

- We have not started collecting stats inside of for Anilos yet, all traffic is still checked inside of

-We will automatically convert your old Anilos links from id=aniloscash ID to coupon=nfcash ID. There is no need to change any links.

- The change over of where to check stats will happen when you see a brand new looking tour @ during the week of 8/21. If the site looks the same as it always has, the change over has not happend yet.

-AnilosCash IDs lower than 12895 are good at already.

-For IDs above 12895 we have attempted to match your username and email to an already existing account at (formerly You can preview your matches on your profile of your NubilesCash account. We will be sending an email week of 8/21 with your matched IDs that we imported.

- If there is a problem with a matched ID, please contact immediately.

- If we didn't find a match, we created an account for you at nubilescash with a new ID. We'll email you the new ID on 8/21.

- Again there is no need to change links, we have either linked to an existing NubilesCash account, or have created one for you with your same Aniloscash username and password.

-All clicks and sales data will be available inside of NubilesCash once the tour change over occurs.